Music Together In School

Music Together considers singing in tune and moving in time to be a child’s birthright, no different from walking and talking. We also recognize that Music Learning Supports All Learning®. So our approach goes deep and wide to bring a rich music environment to the entire school community—children, teachers, and families alike. It not only supports the work of the classroom teachers, but also engages parents and gives children what they need to grow musically. Our comprehensive curriculum and proven program model can be integrated into any school environment, from childcare and preschool settings to public, independent, and faith-based schools.

A pioneer in music curricula for early learning settings, our unique approach to music education creates a play-based, developmentally appropriate, and musically rich environment. Through this approach,
Music Together supports:

  • Children’s ability to achieve basic music competence
  • Children’s development in all domains of learning
  • Family engagement
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Teacher professional development


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