lifesong       Summertime can be full of fun and exciting activities including vacations. My family and I have shared many adventures including camping, white water rafting, visiting amusement parks (we love roller coasters) just to name a few trips. But a vacation does not mean you have to go anywhere and sometimes it can be just as relaxing to take a “staycation”. Everyone needs time away from work, phone calls, and emails and this can be done with time spent at home. I recently took some vacation time just to stay home. I have plenty of things to do around the house because we live on a farm. We own 48 acres so you can probably imagine the work that has to be done around our place. We raise our own beef cattle so we have to hay every summer. I am usually not too involved in this process but when we square bale the hay, I am usually one that drives the truck around the field while my husband and son pick up the bales. But this year we had our neighbor bale using his round baler so the work is less. So enough about hay.

I love to garden and this year I have two vegetable gardens. One is my potato garden and the other one has the rest of my vegetables. I usually plant, onions, beans, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. I did get my gardens planted a little late this year but everything is growing. The rain comes once in awhile and with that the weeds start to grow so I am having maintain the garden so that it can thrive.lifesong1

My husband and I are beekeepers and we keep hives at the bottom of our property. This has to be one of my favorite chores. It is a good idea to check the bees maybe every week to maybe every other week. Recently we harvested our first spring crop of honey, so good!

My daughter is very involved in band and this summer she is playing in a community band. She has regular concerts that she plays in and they are so nice to attend. This is also a nice time to gather with friends and family and listen to some great music.

Noticed I mentioned nothing about my work schedule or my emails. It was nice just to focus on farming and taking care of my kids. I imagine going back to work this week, plus having to take care of all that I mentioned. For me, I just need a break from the everyday work week and I don’t need to do anything fancy. Just slowing my life down and enjoying the front porch because I want to, not because I am tired and need to. What kind of relaxing activities do you enjoy when you don’t have to work?

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