I love seeing the pictures of Jackson and the other kids singing and playing instruments. I know he loves it because he talks about it and sings the songs at home!

Parent of preschooler

Life Song Therapy has proven to be a wonderful experience for our youngest students in Ohio County Schools. The opportunities provided have allowed teachers, children, and parents to positively interact via rhythmic beats, use of repetitive vocal sounds, and work with word, phrases and stories embedded in music. The smiles on our children’s faces make their delight obvious.

The children’s abilities to repeat the rhythms modeled by the instructor have increased steadily creating an atmosphere marked by achievement and evidenced by the budding self-esteem of each participant. Fine and large motor skills are developing naturally via the responses children use in this form of natural play with music. The enjoyable musical passages stimulate each child’s working memory and recall abilities. These foundational skills may create long-term student abilities to learn and achieve positive outcomes. Musical interactions develop capacity across motor, cognitive, social and emotional areas. Life Song Therapy strategies may lead to an improved quality of life and build opportunity for future
academic success for child given the chance to participate.

Each child served looks forward to the next musical experience and it is
often the highlight of the school day

MaryLu Hutchins, NBCT

Music therapy has helped our students tremendously excel in skills including: social skills, language skills and motor skills. Some of our students started out just sitting and listening or not being able to sit for more than a few minutes. Now, they are participating and engaging for the entire half hour! Our students also like to listen to the songs during centers. They use the instruments to mimic what we have learned during therapy.

Christy Carney, Preschool Special Needs Teacher

Jennifer Hezoucky has brought a wonderful program to the smallest people at our school. Children who could not before express themselves well or stay focused are now learning how to do this through music! She encourages our children to sing and dance and LEARN by using instruments, voices, and rhythm. The students and teachers take delight when they see Miss Jennifer and her guitar coming into their classroom. She and her music bring a smile to all of our faces.

Jessica Watt, School Counselor, Madison Elementary School

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