life songI love to watch kids explore my box of rhythm instruments. The children I share music with sometimes express their interest in the grey box that I carry with me and ask “when can we play with the instruments?” Instruments are not only fun to play, but there are a lot of different benefits to using them.

Small rhythm instruments can help a child improve their fine and gross motor skills. Learn to hold on to or grip an instrument can be challenging especially for a child that has not yet mastered this task yet. Some of my instruments take some skill to hold such as the triangle. A child must hold the string that holds the triangle in one hand and then hold the small triangle stick in the other, then play.

Instrument playing is a great way to improve social skills. Playing instruments gives children another opportunity to share what they love to do with a friend. One child expresses interest in the instrument that a friend has so after a moment of fun, I might give a verbal cue that it is time to switch instruments. It’s even more magical when sharing occurs spontaneously without any conflict.

Some of my favorite rhythm instruments to carry along are maracas, different kinds of shakers, triangle, rhythm sticks, tambourines, cabasa, clatter pillar are just to name a few. If your child loves to play instruments but you don’t have a lot to invest in buying them, they are super easy to make. If you like Pinterest, check out how to make some shakers from some plastic easter eggs or an empty margarine container. Not only will it be fun to play these instruments with your child, it would be just as much fun to make them too!

For more music ideas check out my new book:

“Life is Musical How to Bond with your Special Needs Child through Music”


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